How many cities are claiming Tesla defrauded them?

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Supervisors, real estate groups, job councils and others ranging from San Jose, California to New Mexico to Downey, California to Detroit are now claiming Tesla made promises to put their factory in their locations and then backed out after due diligence discovered Tesla to be engaged in crooked real estate kick-backs via their investors and Read More

Russian Mobsters!!! in DOE Funding and Silicon Valley?

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Why did the key investors of Tesla meet with persons and groups from the Russian government and business sectors who State Department has identified as having mob connections? Could it have to do with all of the trillions of dollars of materials used for making lithium ion electric car batteries that those Russian groups control? Read More

What are the things the media has said that Tesla did?

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* They bribed White House staff in order to get nearly free taxpayer funding. * The investors for Tesla paid McKinsey Consulting to write manipulated white papers, for the White House, saying that Tesla was the way to go and then they got McKinsey to staff the Dept. of Energy with their investor’s friends, from Read More